New York Agency Takes Miami by Storm

March 8, 2022
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New York, NY. March 8, 2022 --The Mixx, a Manhattan-based creative marketing and advertising agency, is taking South Beach by storm. With seaside Soul Cycle classes, strategy brainstorm sessions by the pool, and conference calls on the beach, the agency is creating the future of work.

It’s been two years since the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the world and forced companies to rethink and rework the way they engage with their employees. For the most part, that shift has resulted in remote working environments where colleagues meet virtually through platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but not in person. While this “new normal” has resulted in some benefits like an average savings of $7,000/year on transportation, food, and childcare, and increased productivity, the fact remains that team collaboration has taken a hit. In fact, a recent survey by Lucidspark indicated that one in four participants said that virtual meetings weren’t adequate because they lacked a shared visual collaboration space.

Robyn Streisand, CEO of The Mixx felt this first-hand. While the company’s bottom-line wasn’t adversely affected by the shift to remote work (in fact, The Mixx doubled in size during the pandemic), Streisand noted that the team was missing that human connection: “The team is about energy. Our work is our passion, and a lot of that passion is fueled by the people. The work is great, but the people are what make it.”

The company’s shift to a hybrid work environment during times of social distancing allowed the team to grow across the country, which meant the team that was once entirely based out of NYC now has representation in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and even Tulsa, Oklahoma. The new-founded national presence is great for reaching new clients but does pose a challenge for bringing the team together in person. The team’s solution? Mixx Miami.

Nearly two-thirds of the agency’s employees gathered to collaborate, create, and co-work in a new environment this past weekend in South Beach, Miami. While the initial goal was simply to get the team together, The Mixx’s executive leadership puts its stake in the ground that ventures like Mixx Miami are the future of work. Chief Financial Officer, Alina Panas, says “we are living in a time where it’s necessary to adapt. We know that not everyone will want to return to the office, but we’ve built a team where everyone does, in fact, want to return to each other. Why not build upon that basic premise and add a coveted destination, mental health, and wellness activities?”

The jury is still out on whether Mixx Miami will become an annual event for the company, but the key lesson from The Mixx’s Miami takeover is that a team that when you foster an environment that’s conducive to both team building and goal-setting, the result is magic.

About The Mixx

The Mixx is a certified diverse (WBENC and NGLCC) NYC-based creative agency that delivers impactful and purposeful branding, marketing, and culture and communications programs to internal and external audiences alike. Our bold and human-centered design approach features insight-driven and evidence-led strategy which connects brands with both new and existing audiences.


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