As we’ve transitioned into Spring and the world is blossoming before our eyes, we’ve curated the perfect Spring drink to keep things light, fresh, and pink of course! This is a basic, yet timeless drink that you can never go wrong with!

Drink Name: The Pink Drink

Inspiration: In honor of this month’s Mixx pink theme, we decided to go with a classic pink lemonade drink with a kick to it!

The Mixx (Ingredients): 

2 cups of ice

¾ cup of Smirnoff Vodka

⅓ cup of cranberry juice

1 club soda

2 limes

2 strawberries (optional) 


Pour vodka, club soda, and cranberry juice over ice. Place into a pitcher and mixx. Add crushed limes to the bottom of your glass and garnish with strawberries. Pour and enjoy! Cheers!