Gogh with DŌ for Galentine’s Day

February 12, 2022
3 min read
Harry Harris, Account Supervisor

Hi! I’m Harry Harris, an Account Supervisor here at The Mixx. I joined the team as a project manager a year and a half ago, and have been mixxing things up ever since. As an account supervisor I get to help cultivate a meaningful and efficient relationship between the client and our internal team to ensure that the innovative work we’re doing delights our client. We do a lot of amazing work, and I’m excited to share one of our most recent: Van Gogh Vodka’s Galentine’s Day campaign.

I’ve been working with Van Gogh since I joined The Mixx. I am dedicated to all of my work, but because this was among my first accounts, the success of the brand is especially important to me. We’ve launched numerous other campaigns and even refreshed the entire brand’s look and feel.

Van Gogh is known to value creativity and is deeply rooted in the artistic expression of its consumers. The brand has also been intentional about promoting female artists and small business owners. So when we were thinking about what made sense for Galentine’s Day, we kept these core values in mind.

From there, we did the work to really understand our target consumer, how they celebrate the holiday, and how we could bring the indulgent experience of Van Gogh to them in a way that truly resonates. After doing our due diligence to find the right partnership for the campaign, we ultimately decided thatwould be the best choice to help us bring this to life. Kristen Tomlan, DŌ’s founder is a perfect example of the type of woman and role model that Van Gogh Vodka is looking to speak to–ambitious, smart, creative, and empathetic.

Galentine’s Day is a chance to recognize your friends, so it was important for the package to be giftable while offering people an opportunity to celebrate and treat themselves. This partnership is a perfect match because cocktails and desserts can both be indulgent works of art, offering the perfect gifting and celebratory opportunity with a focus on flavors.

The partnership kit we developed included a package with six containers of cookie dough, and a recipe card featuring instructions detailing how to mix the custom cocktails and pair them.

We carefully crafted the consumer journey, to meet consumers where they are–whether it was on social media, in the grocery store, on-premise, or on Van Gogh or DŌ’s respective websites.

The whole process was rewarding, but I think the most fun I had was when I actually received one of the partnership kits and was able to open that package of vodka and experience firsthand the delight we tried to provide for our core consumer. Our goal was to create an engaging, indulgent experience–and we did just that!


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