Fall Trends in Marketing and Advertising

September 29, 2022
2 min read

At The Mixx, we are always at the forefront of the latest marketing and advertising trends and want you to be too. With fall in full swing, check out what the industry is talking about this season.

Sustainability as an Industry Standard

Patagonia Founder, Yvon Chouinard has vowed to give away the company’s profits of over $3 Billion to a trusted nonprofit organization. With this new arrangement, all of Patagonia's profits (around $100 million per year) will go toward fighting climate change and protecting unspoiled lands around the world.

Marketers Leading with Cultural Confidence

Many brands are struggling to pinpoint the correct term for what we know as “Hispanic Heritage Month”. Brands must find a way to give the Hispanic community a voice during the decision-making process to be able to precede with cultural confidence.

Building Brand Authenticity

In the wake of Gen Z and millennials dominating social platforms, brands are being held accountable to create more authentic and diverse content. This new standard is pushing brands to be more socially aware and have them really “walk the walk”. 

Artificial Intelligence and Creative Marketing

Many will interpret Artificial Intelligence as a threat to creative industries – sensing the model will take over jobs that no longer require “human” effort. What others fail to see is AI’s impressive compatibility with its users, and its ability to collaborate with employees to multiply ideas and generate better results for clients.

The Rise of Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

From micro-influencers to mega-stars, you can expect to see more and more brands partnering with diverse influencers to build long term relationships. This new take will develop more authentic connections with the target audience, and garner more trust between the consumer and the brand. A great example is Smirnoff’s Show Up. Show Off! campaign which highlights LGBTQIA+ drag influencers. 

Creating Immersive Experiences for Consumers

Walmart has ambitious plans to bring their Roblox games and virtual worlds into interactive experiences for customers. The company is creating two big games on the platform, including an entire universe where players can go shopping at virtual stores and experience concerts in virtual reality.



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