Celebrate Black History Month by Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

February 16, 2022
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One of the most impactful ways we can uplift the Black Community (during Black History Month and beyond), is to support Black-owned businesses. To help you do just that, The Mixx has compiled a list of some amazing small, Black-owned businesses you can support.


4th Ave Market. The largest black-owned ecommerce marketplace of its kind, 4th Ave Market brings beauty, personal, and hair care solutions to people of color at affordable costs. The online platform includes a diverse array of product types and brands and was built with accessibility in mind.

Epara Skincare. Epara Skincare is a Nigerian-owned, London-based skincare line made with all-natural, organic ingredients. Epara means “to cocoon oneself.” The luxury brand was founded in 2017 by Ozohu Adoh, and is known for its African botanicals that effectively target and treat skin issues in women of color. 

Pholk Beauty. Pholk Beauty was founded by Niambi Cacchioli– “academic turned beauty activist.” Pholk offers solutions for all skin types, and their skincare quiz helps customers find the right solution for their beauty needs. 

Sienna Naturals. Co-founded by Issa Rae and Hannah Diop, Sienna Naturals is a clean hair care solution formulated to enhance hair and scalp health while helping women with textured hair embrace and style their curls.

Business Services & Finance

GoFundHer. GoFundHer is a crowdfunding platform for equality, designed for girls and women to connect with funding sources worldwide. Founded by Tracy Garley, the company’s mission is to “eliminate inequality for women by holding space for economic success through a real and sustainable financial platform designed by women, for women.”

Goodr. Goodr is a food waste management and hunger relief company that leverages technology and its nationwide logistics network to combat hunger and reduce food waste. Goodr operates nationwide and includes Surplus Food Recovery, Organics Recycling, and Holistic Waste Management. Goodr is built on the principle that food insecurity is not an issue of scarcity; it's a matter of logistics.

Kiddie Kredit. Founded by fintech entrepreneur Evan Leaphart, Kiddie Kredit is a tool designed to build financial literacy and awareness in teens and adolescents. The app gives kids “credit” for completing chores, providing points for monetary and non-monetary prizes for reaching their goals. Kids get their first introduction to how credit works through their interaction with the app and build their way to financial literacy.


Jolie Noire. Jolie Noire is French for “Pretty Black,” and the key sentiment behind this clothing brand: black is beautiful. Founded by sisters Keyondra and Kim, Jolie Noire is a family-owned and operated company that offers elevated leisure wear.

PRU Apparel. PRU Apparel is a luxury activewear brand that fuses culturally inspired prints into chic fitness gear. Built to empower women of color, PRU takes pride in being synonymous with empowerment, pride, self-love, representation, beauty, health, and wellness.

Studio 189. Studio 189 is a lifestyle brand co-founded by Abrima Erwiah and actress and activist Rosario Dawson. The brand is deeply rooted in sustainability, and produces African and African inspired clothing. Traditional techniques such as hand-batik, kente weaving, and using natural, plant-based dye are core parts of the brand’s craftsmanship.

Food & Beverage

Brickhouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co. Brickhouse is a family-owned coffee and tea experience featuring hand-picked leaves from all over the world. Based in New York City, their featured products include their Yerba Mate Herbal Tea, Lemon Mango Tisane Tea, and Toasted Almond Flavored Coffee.

Essie Spice. Founded by Essie Bartels out of her love for cooking and memories from her mother’s Ghanian kitchen, Essie Spice is known for their vegan, small-batch cooking sauces and spice blends. 

Rhythm Brewing Co. The only black-owned brewery in the state of Connecticut, Rhythm Brewing Co. was founded by Alisa Bowens-Mercado in 2018 from her love of beer after realizing the lack of craft lagers on the market.

Health & Wellness

The Self-Love Workbook. Candice Jones is helping women believe in the power of who they are and destigmatize inner healing with her Self-Love Workbook. The self care exercises help women get centered through a three-stage: release, redefine, and reaffirm. 

R&B Yoga. Operated by Chicago transplant Lauren Spearman, R&B Yoga is an LA-Based pop-up yoga studio that promotes body positivity, inclusivity, and diversity while allowing yogis to vibe out to R&B, hip-hop, and rap music. 

Vision Words. Martha Banks Hall is a master manifestor and the founder of Vision Words, sticky notes with statements that stick. Martha believes in the power of positivity and has developed her brand of positive affirmation sticky notes to keep your life full of the motivation you need to keep going and proceed in confidence. 


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