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From strategy to creative, we delivered a fully-integrated campaign for Top of the Rock for five years. It was a 360º effort for Manhattan’s best 360º view. As Top of the Rock’s agency of record and trusted partner, we were integral in more than doubling annual visitors to over 2.3 million. Today, Top of the Rock is consistently listed among the top New York attractions and is top of mind when it comes to the best view of the Big Apple.

What’s your story?

We built the campaign in 2011 from true brand advocacy. With two million visitors annually, the campaign story was written through social media content and photography from visitors themselves. By joining the conversation, visitors and Top of the Rock were connected like never before.

Top of the Rock gets the word out!

To reach local, national and global visitors, we customized campaign creative seasonally to span all communications, from digital to print to on-premise and beyond. Over five years of unique campaigns, we directed photo shoots, developed impactful messaging, and revitalized the perception of Top of the Rock as the unrivaled view of New York City.

So much more than campaigns

Beyond the 20 seasonal campaigns we developed, we touched every part of the brand. Through countless special events, partnerships and marketing communications we reinvigorated a once dormant brand. Ticket sales and visitor traffic skyrocketed, as well as Top of the Rock’s awareness as a top-of-mind NYC destination experience.