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Transforming culture takes hard work, and we love the challenge. Strativity is a consultancy that helps corporations improve their internal culture and customer relationships. We created a brand identity system that reflects Strativity’s multifaceted approach to cultural transformations. This global brand now has the tools to “unlock the exceptional.”

Bridging the journey and the experience

The brand identity and visual elements are inspired by Strativity’s culture and passion. The two halves of the logo
unify ‘strategy’ and ‘creativity’, creating a dynamic energy to “unlock the exceptional”. The branding represents the
“Ah-ha” moment, when Strativity’s customers are empowered with the tools their employees need to deliver
exceptional customer experiences.

The Strativity brand unfolds

Supporting the brand, visual elements such as photography, colorful graphics and friendly icons break through
the cluttered and competitive consulting industry. The visual elements capture Strativity’s position as a top teir
CEM consulting firm, redefining and elevating the category through aspirational and results driven imagery
and graphic treatments.

A “customer first” approach to the web

Strativity’s website is a critical touchpoint in their marketing strategy, and a detailed discovery phase provided guidance on the best approach to their website. Offering generous content on CEM topics — as well as a complex product offering — required a fresh approach to architecture, content, and pathing. Strativity’s website now reflects their position as a thought and market leader on the subject of customer experience management.