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After successfully delivering Mercedes-Benz’s Lifestyle Accessories Program, we revved up the Vehicle Brochure Program. And we didn’t stop there, we engaged and captured customers and dealers alike. For five years, we’ve taken the helm on key marketing efforts for the brand, delivering even bigger, bolder and on-budget results.

A Sneak Peek of the CLA

Due to popular response of the new CLA commercial, we developed a teaser for dealers to introduce the car to potential buyers. We created intrigue and desire with a unique brochure to poster format. This “keepsake” piece was meant to generate excitement and interest until the official launch of the vehicle.

The details are everything

Mercedes-Benz is renowned for its details, but the vehicle brochures never showcased them in their full splendor. For 2013, we put the details front and center. We increased the dimensions and page count of the brochures, adding impact and value without adding costs. Our fresh take on a classic brand differentiated Mercedes-Benz in the luxury market, increasing sales for a record breaking year.

Accessories are a "car buyer's" best friend!

How do you reinvigorate a branded accessories collection to jumpstart sales with an American audience?
We empowered dealers by transforming a simple catalog into a brand experience. With a limited budget and our
trademark resourcefulness, we directed the lifestyle and product photography, telling an inspired story in lieu of
mere product listing.

Talk about history...

We created a tiered dealership installation system, mapping the history of industry firsts for Mercedes-Benz. From a 50 foot wall at corporate headquarters, all the way down to desktop tent cards for dealers, the execution was flexible yet powerful. The dynamic timeline pushed the brand future-forward and encouraged dealers and customers to learn about the brand’s rich legacy.