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The world’s leading pill manufacturer needed a new digital presence to live up to its stature; and fast as the company was about to spin off from Pfizer. With a fresh site newly developed, Capsugel realized the potential of the new look and strategy.  As a result, we set out to rebrand the entire company, including something unusual for an agency to tackle: interior design. Not only did the rebrand help attract a buyer, Capsugel increased its industry presence and sales globally.

Global reach for a global leader

Capsugel’s new website filled a void with its intuitive navigation that put customer answers within a two-click reach. An uncomplicated design and straightforward voice helped simplify answers and generate solutions, while SEO and rich content generated more traffic. Lastly, a “build your own capsule” interactive section deepened engagement by allowing visitors to create their own capsule. View website

The brand goes on

As we refreshed the guidelines, the brand extension grew to encompass brochures, PowerPoint templates, corporate stationery, an expanded image library, newsletters; each and every component of communication right down to e-signatures and the holiday e-card.

A refresh calls for a re“design”

Following the success of the website launch, we went on a rebranding spree with Capsugel, inside and out. For the new U.S. headquarters, we customized paint colors, integrated the brand elements and core values, selected fabrics and chose carpets.