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Like a baby, a brand is born and raised; but for Aden + Anais, big retail came calling early on. This fresh brand needed to be ready, quickly, for its retail debut and future growth. We tackled everything from strategy and a brand refresh, to an integrated packaging system and digital presence. Five years after helping Aden + Anais mature into a sophisticated brand, the product is ever more popular with big box retailers and e-commerce giants.  The company is well on its way to fulfilling the founder’s mission to swaddle every baby on the planet.

Ooooohhhh baby!

We created a cohesive brand that not only educated and inspired mothers, but positioned Aden + Anais as a premier brand in the baby market. To reach multiple segments (boutique, mid-market and mass-market), we created a 3-tiered brand family differentiated by tagline, messaging, photography, product patterns and packaging.

Packaged in threes

The 3-tiered brand family was designed with each segment in mind. The boutique packaging was simple for retailers and hands-on for shoppers, allowing consumers to touch the product. For mid- and mass-market retailers, the packaging was streamlined and used lower cost materials. An extended brand language was created consisting of baby-talk vocabulary to elicit an emotional response from new moms.

The birth of a brand

Extending the brand beyond the store, we created an e-commerce site, a unique “story” book and a multitude of tools to reach not only retailers but the busy mother in need of quality products for her baby. The integrated marketing campaign was used to raise awareness, enhance product position and grow market share.