Michael Hardman

Creative Director

I’m an advocate for…

All things with two wheels and an internal combustion engine; bad Science Fiction films from the ‘70s; neatly folded paper; Duplo Legos, in all their primary colored glory; and, using your hands every day to make something.

My personality is…

Quiet, and sarcastic without malice. I truly prefer things to be tidy and in good order. I’m a team player, but I do enjoy some good competition. I enjoy the wind in my face, throttle tapped out…speed rules.

Why I’m at the Mixx…

The Mixx just happens to be the most creatively collaborative agency environment I’ve ever worked in. Everyone introduces fresh…maybe even totally wacky…ideas to the creative process without the pressure of harsh judgment. Fear is something that normally crushes real creativity – that doesn’t exist here.

Brands I’ve impacted… Mercedes-Benz, Home Depot, BMW, MINI Cooper, Desani Water, Mello Yello, Fresca, Absolut Vodka, Top of the Rock

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