We've led the way
to a diverse future.

Diverse talent yields diverse solutions. By now, it’s a widely accepted principle of business. But The Mixx has been a thought leader in diversity since the very beginning. In the late nineties, our CEO Robyn Streisand was already advocating for diversity initiatives at some of the biggest brands in the nation.

Since then, she’s served in leadership positions for both NGLCCNY and WBENC: two of the nation’s most visible organizations dedicated to promoting diversity in business.

Today, that commitment is reflected by our staff, our thinking and by our work. By embracing diversity and inclusivity since our earliest days as an agency, The Mixx has spent nearly two decades on the leading edge, succeeding for brands while strengthening their communities.

Pfizer’s Partner in Diversity

In 2011, Pfizer launched “Partners in Diversity,” an initiative that provides agencies and internal teams access to diverse suppliers. The Mixx partnered with Pfizer to develop the identity and program creative including the award itself. As a culmination of our efforts, we were honored to receive the award for outstanding contributions to Pfizer’s initiatives.

Building NGLCC-NY from the ground up

We transformed a start-up organization into an established brand. We created a fresh identity inspired by the NYC skyline coupled with a strategic positioning that linked businesses to the LGBT community. Our work heightened the presence of NGLCC-NY, and helped them pave the way in boardrooms across the city.

Giving NGLCC a national presence

Because of our efforts with NGLCC-NY, we re-branded the national organization in 2012. We created a cohesive identity system that brought together certified suppliers, affiliate leaders, and corporate partners. Not only did the new look heighten public awareness, it differentiated NGLCC from other organizations in the LGBT movement and in supplier diversity circles.