We know advocates
build brands…

  • Social connections make Brand Advocates the most highly active consumer

  • Of a Brand Advocate’s connections trust their recommendations

  • Of a Brand Advocate’s connections consider purchasing on their recommendations

  • Of a Brand Advocate’s connections purchase recommended products and services

Source: 2012, Zuberance, Inc., Surprising Facts About Brand Advocates. Difference between Influencers and Brand Advocates.

…and we build brand advocates.

It’s about people. Brands are built by the people who work for them, and sustained by the people who choose them in the marketplace.

For every client, there are individuals who can be targeted, activated and converted into brand advocates. By doing what’s right for them, we do what’s right for the brand. 

The Mixx connects a message at the most critical touchpoints that resonates on a level where real behavioral change takes place. We transform audiences into vocal brand advocates, keeping brands top-of-mind, top-of-choice and top-of-purchase throughout the entire customer journey.